Psychotherapy is a technique which is effective in helping you cope with a wide range of difficulties. Working with me will help you explore and resolve enduring dissatisfactions in you life.  We will do that by building a deep level of trust with one another, reshaping significant emotional experiences and beliefs, and exploring without judgement all aspects of who you are and who you want to be.  Our work will be completely confidential.

does therapy work?

A number of studies have shown that therapy works.  But it won't work well for everyone.  The evidence also shows that the most important aspect is the fit between you and the therapist.  And a massive part of it is how much you put in - not just reflecting between sessions, but your emotional honesty in sessions.  So I would really encourage you to come and meet me and see whether I am the right person for you.

further reading

This section of the Metanoia website is a good introduction for those new to therapy, answering questions such as "what happens in the first session?" and advice on choosing a therapist.

This article by Robert Karen is an excellent introduction to attachment theory, and its relevance to psychotherapy.

I would recommend this book by Phillippa Perry for those wanting a more practical introductory text written for a general audience. 

I wrote this article for welldoing.org on empathy and compassion.


In our first session, I'll usually ask why what you're struggling with now, and about your previous experiences of therapy and counselling - what was helpful and what wasn't.  Over the first session or two, we'll work together to narrow that down into what you want to achieve in therapy, and how you might know when you've achieved it.  But you don't need to come with a specific goal in mind.  Of course, the first sessions are a chance for you to get to know me, so please do ask questions about me, how I work, and my experience.  I have more detailed policies on things like cancellations, complaints and fee payment that I will share with you if you agree you want to work with me.  It's important to know going in that therapy isn't a linear process: sometimes you might leave a session feeling better or lighter; sometimes you may feel worse.  Confronting how you feel may stir up a lot of painful feelings and memories.  I recommend clients have weekly sessions but that's up to you, your needs and your budget.